Sign Proven Players, Stop being a feeding club, Challenge for Trophies: What Liverpool should do to be a Force again

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A topic that has been debated for ages and ages, but one which needs to be looked at closely looking at the Modern era where the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City have taken a strong hold in the chase for the premier League Title for the past few years, before that it was all about Arsenal and the Invincibles team and a Sir Alex Ferguson lead Manchester United that dominated English football in the early 90s till 2004.

What Should Liverpool Do? To regain what was once rightfully theirs:

Sign Proven Quality Players:  This has been a topic of discussion from the time Brendan Rodgers took over the reins at Liverpool. It is no mystery that The Gaffer loves to work with the young players with potential and mould them into world beaters, (Philipe Coutinho, Daniel Sturridge, Raheem Sterling, Jon Flannagan) to name a few, but for all their potential and talent it also comes down to mentality and character during the big games. A prime example of The Brendan Rodgers Liverpool team lacking the mentality and character in Big Games are like the game against Chelsea at Anfield last season, which basically ended their hopes of a First EPL Trophy in 25 odd years.

A lot was expected From Liverpool this season especially after breaking the jinx of not qualifying for the Champions League in 5 long years, with regards to signing proven quality players if not world class players, but that wasn’t the case. Dejan Lovren and Adam Lallana had a wonderful season at Southampton last season but playing for Liverpool is always difficult. The Club’s Management were expected to spend on quality players also keeping in mind who to keep and who to sell. If the club has to move forward they have to target and sign players who fit the bill at the club. For all their talents a Fabio Borini, Rickie Lambert and a Joe Allen will not win you an EPL title ever, unlike a Suarez, Torres and Alonso.

This season has been no different from the previous season, buying and developing young players either from other clubs or from the academy is always exciting and a proud feeling to have, but such systems work or bode well in lesser competitive leagues like in Spain and Germany.

Setting a realistic target of buying 2 proven quality players in each window sounds a realistic target along with a few squad players. Build a team around these players, manage formations accordingly.

John W Henry and Tom Werner have to focus on their idea of signing quality young players at the club. If the club needs to invest 30+ Million in a world Class player who will raise the teams value and game play to the next level they should not think twice.

Keeping hold of your Clubs Best Players and Challenge for Trophies:

One of the biggest problems Liverpool has faced in 20 odd years is holding on to their Star Players or prized assets. Micheal Owen,Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Luis Suarez , Raul Meireles are examples of leaving the club for better prospects.

One can’t blame them; after all not every player is a Gerrard, Carragher or Agger to stay loyal to the club. Basically Liverpool has to stop being a feeding club for rival clubs. The Only way they can hold on to their best players is by building a team around those proven players and offering those players the incentive to go challenge for trophies and titles and bringing in quality players who the others can look up to as role models. For all what’s worth a Coutinho or Raheem Sterling are players Rodgers would want to build his team around. What happens when Liverpool doesn’t qualify for the Champions league and a Barcelona or Bayern come poach these players away, then again the pains of rebuilding from scratch starts.

The Club is well loved and Supported, but it needs to win titles to be successful in the long run. A club is known for the titles it wins and that’s going to be the case with Liverpool FC if they wish to regain back what was once rightfully theirs.

Defining Management Roles and Improving Scouting Systems:

A lot has to change in the Hierarchy with regards to the transfer committee decisions on finalizing which player they wish to buy and for what price. A System Arsenal did exceedingly well to adopt. They brought in a World Class player in each transfer window and are today reaping the fruits of adopting a smart strategy in luring World Class Players to play for them, Arsenal like Liverpool are a club synonymous with winning trophies had gone on a barren run of 9 years without a trophy, one FA Cup win changed all that along with a place in the champions League.

The scouting systems have to improve globally for a club like Liverpool. For all the wonderful financial work done with regards to getting in companies to invest and be the clubs sponsors the cub realistically needs to tighten the screws in an attempt to lure quality players to come from other leagues and countries with a reputation to become a World Star. FC Porto and Benfica have made most of these scouting abilities, something which even Liverpool as a club should do within their means.

Stadium Expansion and State of the Art Youth Facilities:

The Stadium expansion at Anfield has been forever ongoing, but never materialized weather to increase Anfield’s capacity or to shift to a New Stadium in Stanley Park. Today Clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal have a stadium capacity almost twice Anfield’s capacity and have reaped benefits by becoming a global brand. Now with the stadium renovation already under way it is most likely that the revenue goes up. The Capacity will increase to just over 54000 from 45522. The Stadium is expected to be finished by the end of the 2016/17 season by then it should have the capacity of 59000.

Its not just about the stadium, its about improving Melwood and Kirkby into state of the Art footballing centres like the Famed Ajax Academy, Feyenoord Academy or La Masia at Barcelona. A few steps have already been taken with regards to the youth coach being hired from the Netherlands for the under 16 team.

Also with Brendan Rodgers willing to give young players a chance to shine, there’s always hope to get quality youngsters and develop them into world Beaters.

Sponsorship, International Friendlies, Soccer Schools:

Last season the club did well with regards to luring in sponsors from around the globe and from various sectors, they need to lure the big investors and sponsors for better financial stability along with a few naming rights of a few stands in the stadium. With the renovation of the new stadium and the expected funds from the sponsors things look good as of now for the club to go on the upward trend.

Pre Season International friendlies are essential to the clubs well being, but its about time the club focuses on larger markets like China, India and Australia. With more fans come in more Shirt Sales and Merchandise revenue.

Soccer Schools and camps can be set up in places like South America and North Africa to scout local talents from the area with a view to buying tomorrows Coutinho’s and Suarez’s.

There is a strong possibility that Liverpool Like Manchester United and Chelsea will rule the roost again in the top flight of English football, only a matter of time and execution of plans will enable them to be successful.

Written by Dinesh V

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