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Should Manchester United Loan Out Their Prized Asset?


Wayne Rooney has been taking up a lot of print space lately and the speculations of his transfers have gone on for quite some time now. To top it, the recent rumours about Cesc Fabregas and the first loss of David Moyes as the United manager have been on everyone’s mind for the past couple of days.

But this news is really pushing a very important affair out of the people’s attention, that whether Wifred Zaha is going to stay at the club this season or will he be loaned out?
Zaha has impressed everyone with his performance for quite some time now and has been elevated as one of the most talented youngsters around. Last season he was the sole reason of Crystal Palace winning a promotion, making it further difficult for the side to cope without him in the big boy’s league.

In January he signed a contract with United to join the side and was immediately loaned back to Palace for the rest of the season with the mission of winning them a spot at the highest level of English football. Now mission accomplished, he is all set to join the Red Devils under new manager David Moyes who will also be as excited as him to step up to the big league.

But the worrying factor for the United fans are the statements that Moyes made a few days back, Quoted by the ESPN, he said :

” Wilfried did well. He gave us a little bit of something different. We have brought him here to give him a chance. It is the first time I have worked with him and had a chance to see him up close. He will certainly be part of the squad and we will see where we can fit him in as often as we can.”

In reference to Moyes’ quotes, there can be a question raised to the English fans that is it actually desirable for them right now to witness the youngster spend most of his time on the bench? The problem with United is their plethora of talent, which is often a hindrance for even the most brilliant of players. If anyone has any doubt over this fact, we could ask him to take a look at the cases of Rooney and Kagawa.

Their midfield and forward line consist of Van Persie, Chicharito, Welbeck, Kagawa, Nani and not to mention their man of all seasons, Giggs. If Rooney finally decides to stay, then it would be too much players to handle even with the existing ones, leave aside some new additions. To continue his growth as a player he needs to play this season week in week out, which is a tad difficult at Manchester, if not impossible at the moment. It would thus be beneficial for both the parties if he is loaned out to any other Premier League club which would provide him with the opportunity to come back better and contribute for the team next season.


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