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Should Manchester United Go For This Former Liverpool Youngster?

Well rumours, rumours everywhere! While some are a bit genuine arising from the clubs, their managers and the sources closed to the club, for others we the people of the media have to work day in day out to keep you busy in the time where the football action is limited. And we do not mind the abuses as long as we can have you engaged with some food for thought.

So today we decide to take a look at one such story, which is bound to raise a few eyebrows to say the least. Well Manchester United supports brace yourselves with some rumour, how does this sound “Tom Ince to Manchester United”? For those of the supporters who have already started typing the choicest of cuss words directed at the author, I can only say one thing. Please read on and then carry on with all the verbal attacks.

Manchester United, the champions of England have a brilliant manager in David Moyes. They have perhaps the most loyal supporters. They have some of the best players. And they have a very balanced side. Oh wait a minute..do they?

A club that boasts of Van Persie and Rooney in front does not serve the purpose when they have to say that they have Valencia, Young and Nani as the wingers. We can go on bragging about all three of these players accomplishments throughout the season but we abstain ourselves from delving too deep.

What we really want to point out is that the next season would be a lot more promising with Zaha joining from his loan spell at Crystal Palace. So why not make it even better by adding another talented youngster to the brigade. The Blackpool man, who previously played for Liverpool, is exactly the kind of player you want to have in your squad. He is aggressive, suave and definitely improving.

While Ryan Giggs continues to provides you with all the maturity and the experience one can have under the sun, a player like Ince can only add to the strength of the squad which has all the intentions to fill their trophy cabinet over the coming years under the boss.

We are not suggesting it is done, we are not even suggesting United are making the moves for the £20-25m rated midfielder. We are just doing what we do best, riding the rumour train.

Let the censures begin!

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