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Should Liverpool Really Snap Up This Rising Star From The Latics?

It is a tragic time for Wigan Athletics, who after winning the FA Cup and the hearts of all football lovers, go on to bite the dust in the Premier League as they end their 8 year fairy tale run at the top flight. But one particular player of Wigan, Callum McManaman, has given some stellar shows and is now being monitored by Brendan Rodgers for a proposed transfer to Liverpool. And all this has after he was branded as a thug not so long ago. Talking about McManaman, Wigan boss Roberto Martinez, said:

He doesn’t care about wearing the best shoes or driving the best car, but give him a football and he is happy. He is one of the big diamonds in English football.”

 We take a look at the pros and cons of singing this player, who can come very cheap because of Wigan’s relegation.

Callum McManaman


Talented youngster- McManaman is only 22 years of age and at this age the players has made quite a name for himself. His performance at the FA Cup final has attracted neutrals to take a closer look on him. Liverpool, who have a bundle of youngsters in their team, would be a perfect fit for him and he would, as like many others, be a long term prospect for the Merseyside club.

Playing style- McManaman generally operates from the right flank in Wigan and then cuts inside. He is not like most wingers and prefers creating the play rather than crossing. In Liverpool, where manager Brendan Rodgers has always insisted on the passing style of play would certainly benefit from McManaman’s style and he can be a perfect fit in the club. He would prosper in a club which have the likes of Suarez and Sturridge in the front line and McManaman’s performance and confidence would soar once he gets to a better team.


Playing time– Liverpool already has Downing operating from the right wing, on whom the manager has put a lot of faith off late. After his disappointments initially, his form has improved and now Rodgers wants to plan his long term strategy with him in mind. This apart, Liverpool have Sterling and Suso waiting to take over from Downing, both of whom are extremely talented and promising players. So a move for McManaman would either put the playing time of the existing players in doubt or the new transfer would get too little time to play.

Too less experienced– McManaman has not even played 100 top division matches till now and has just made his way through to the Wigan’s first team. He has also often been substituted when Martinez has changed formations and this inexperience may not help Liverpool and the also the player to replace Downing from the first team.

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