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Should Liverpool Consider Going In For This Goal Machine To Replace Luis Suarez?

Burak Yilmaz alongside Drogba
Burak Yilmaz alongside Drogba

Amid all the rumours spreading around the market about the possible move of Suarez, we are forgetting one very important aspect. Does Brendan Rodgers have any player in mind who can replace this Uruguayan? Well, if that is the case, then there is this Turkish striker, Burak Yilmaz who has all the capabilities to fill in Suarez’s shoes.

If you have followed Champions League last season, then you must have a convincing idea about this player and have witnessed first hand how deadly he can turn out to be. Having 8 goals in only 9 appearances for Galatasaray last season is not a mean feat by any means.

He also netted 24 times in his 30 appearances for his side in Turkish League, comparing to Luis Suarez’s 23 goals in 33 matches. Though the difference between Premiere League and any other league in the world is colossal, but Rodgers has a very concise list of alternatives.

Suarez was the most high profile player for the Reds last season but his days at Anfield are possibly coming to an end, with so many prestigious clubs of England and other countries like Arsenal, Madrid and Chelsea linked to him.

But how will Liverpool change their tactics if Yilmaz comes to play in the void?

Honestly, the void that will be created after such a prolific player like Suarez leaves, can’t be compromised in a day. But the team will be much more balanced than they were this season.

Recall the scenario when Van Persie left Emirates last season for the Red Devils. In the previous few seasons it had been the same story for them week in week out; to pass the ball to the man and then hope that he gets to score. But as soon as he left, all the players stepped up, the team revolved around players like Podolski, Cazorla, Giroud and Walcott. If they successfully capture a top striker this season, there is no reason why they cannot compete with other teams for the top glory.

Same should be the case with Rodgers’ boys if Suarez leaves. A group comprising of Yilmaz, Iago Aspas, Daniel Sturridge and Coutinho would be pretty solid and give Rodgers some flexibility when constructing a front three (or striking pair, as he often did when Sturridge arrived in January).

So, the Reds can hope of getting a balanced attacking half, with a dream of Aspas (or Yilmaz, if he is ultimately bought) turning into a deadly poacher of goals. The Reds can’t replace Suarez, but they can adjust their attack and be a better team if they make the right moves and institute the right approach without him.

Bringing Yilmaz will certainly be a right decision in this direction.


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