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Should Karim Benzema Be David Moyes’ First Signing For Manchester United?

With David Moyes in charge of proceedings at United, the team is sure to get a makeover. One area that will keep Moyes thinking for the next few days is Rooney’s willingness to leave the team and move on to Chelsea. Not only will United lose a man who has provided service for them relentlessly all these years, Chelsea will get a world class striker who can revive the fortunes of the team. This season one of the areas that has troubled United a bit is a frontman to partner Van Persie.

Real Madrid, Benzema, Higuain, Ronaldo
RVP- Benzema partnership next year?

While Rooney had an awful season, Chicharito has been given very limited opportunity. Wellback has also not fired in sufficient number of goals to book his place in the team on a regular basis. Thus during the period where RVP was having a goal drought, United’s form in general slumped and they were left to the mercies of Chelsea and Manchester City’s under-performance to sail them through that period. Therefore Moyes must be looking for another striker who can complement Van Persie well in the attack to make them the invincible side that United aspire to be.

One player that Moyes has reportedly set his eyes on is Karim Benzema of Real Madrid. Receiving £25m from the sale of Rooney, United will have the budget to match the £30m asking price by Real Madrid. It is no secret that Benzema is a world class striker, with vast capabilities. But it is a perceived notion that his capabilities are not being fully exploited by Real Madrid where he has to play as a second man to Ronaldo. Worse still, he has been a second choice striker for Jose Mourinho, with Gozalo Higuain being the manager’s blue-eyed boy. Thus Benzema also feels it is best for him to move to greener pastures and when Manchester United come calling for a player, who can resist the temptation?

If Moyes succeeds in bringing Benzema to United, this will be a huge boost for the team and the partnership of Van Persie-Benzema will be a thing to watch out for.

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