Should Chelsea Activate The Clause For This Belgian Attacker?

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It’s not rare to see some big clubs regret selling some prospects that didn’t seem quite good enough to make it into their first team but seem to explode for another club in ways that they just couldn’t imagine when they owned their rights.

One of the teams that’s been more affected by that situation is Chelsea, as the blues had signed dozens of youngsters just to see them walk away from Stamford Bridge and look for minutes elsewhere, where they thrive and take the world for assault in a way they could’ve never done if they decided to stay in London.

Names of the likes of Romelu Lukaku and Kevin de Bruyne often wake Chelsea fans at night, wondering what their team could’ve been if their bosses wouldn’t have given up in the talented Belgian duo, and lately there’s been another compatriot of the two that’s been turning a lot of heads in Europe thanks to his awesome performances after leaving Stamford Bridge.

That guy is no other than Eden Hazard’s younger brother, Thorgan Hazard who didn’t seem like he could develop into a complete player like Eden, so he never got a real chance for the Blues and was let go on loan to Borussia Monchengladbach.

A couple of seasons later, Thorgan made his move to Germany permanent, as he made an instant impact for Monchengladbach and started to grow more and more as a player, and that’s when regret started to punch Roman Abramovich in the face.

Thorgan does have a buy-back clause in his contract with Chelsea, but they have not got the response from the player whatsoever, and they’re going might have a bit of a hard time to convince him that they count with him this time, as the Hazard brothers are known for something else than their talent, and that’s their stubbornness.

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Conte and his players, especially Eden are going to make a run at Thorgan during this next couple of transfer windows, but now the question left to ask is: Do Chelsea actually need Thorgan Hazard or it’s just another case of regret that makes the big club buy a youngster so their rivals can’t reach them?

At first sight, you could say that every single team in the world needs a talented young offensive midfielder who’s brother is the best guy in the team, and we won’t be the exception to that rule, as that’s one big fat reason to consider the signing of Thorgan.

But even if Eden wasn’t playing in the team, signing Hazard would make a lot of sense for the blues, as they actually don’t have a lot of depth in this position, since Oscar has been playing quite poorly and Conte prefers to let Willian or Victor Moses play near the sidelines instead of the center of the field.

On top of that, Thorgan has been the player of a spectacular level for the German side since the past season and with the difficulties the Blues have been having to send the ball to the bottom of the nets, his signing keeps looking better and better.

So we guess it’s never too late to say I’m sorry and try to make things right, and that’s definitely what Abramovich should do in order to ease Thorgan’s mind and convince him to return to Stamford Bridge, where he could create one of the most terrifying duos of history with his brother.

Written by Ernesto Cova

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