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Should Arsenal Snap-Up This Goal Scoring Winger From Russia?

It’s the same story of inconsistent season and unproven youngsters for Arsenal this season. But there is a new hope for Arsenal fans as rumors suggest that Wenger has 70 million kitty to spend during Summer transfer window and with the added income of Puma’s kit sponsorship there would be some frowned up faces at the Emirates if the Summer went blank.

Alan Dzagoev

Amongst all the players that has been linked with Arsenal, Alan Dzagoev stands out as one of the best and could probably add a lot to Arsenal’s wing play which lacks the ability of putting in decent crosses and direct dribbling at the opposition. According to footballscores.com, Dzagoev has scored as many goals as elite players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Balotelli and Mario Gomez, despite playing in fewer games than all of them at the Euro 2012 and has carried his team single handedly over the past 24 months.

Now, let’s see what this magical Russian will bring to this Arsenal squad.

Creative, goal-scoring winger

Dzagoev is versatile enough to play in attacking midfield, as well as in wing.  He would provide valuable cover for Wilshere and Arteta in the middle of the park, as well as genuine competition for Theo Walcott and Gervinho on the wings.

Good vision and passing

Dzagoev has a good vision in the pitch and has the ability to pick a match winning pass anytime during the game. He is also known for his clinical finishing in high-pressure situations. He has decent pace too.

Young but experienced

He is just 23 years old. He would flourish under the guidance of Wenger (who is known for polishing raw talents into superstars). Even at this young age, he has top level experience. Dzagoev has scored three goals in three games in Euro which proves he can perform at top level against any opponent.


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