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Should Arsenal Sell Jack Wilshere Or Not? That Is The Question

Smoking problems, poor form at times and a spate of injuries, things have not gone the way Arsenal and Jack Wilshere would have wanted this season. The young Arsenal midfielder surely is one of the most talented players in the Arsenal squad, but he has had his spate of rather bad luck as he has struggled to get a foothold in the team this season.

Jack Wilshere Smoking
Jack Wilshere Smoking

The 23-year-old has been played in various roles at Arsenal, but he seems to thrive the most in the role of a deep-lying central midfielder who controls the game, Wilshere does have the technique and vision to play in the role and even though he isn’t the most physical player in the Premier League, he is a terrier and can hold his own against the toughest and hardest players out there in the Premier League.

A top talent but too much baggage to keep?

Arsene Wenger has been a mentor to young Jack and has been the same for a lot of players who seem to drift about in the team, Wilshere has been caught smoking this season, in fact he has been reprimanded for this act prior to this indiscretion as well but he does not seem to learn, he has apologized as well but that is just not enough in this day and age.

He has also had quite a few injuries during his time at Arsenal, whether it is a brittle nature, bad luck or a lack of conditioning, he has to work hard to ensure he does not go down the road of Abou Diaby, no one wishes that to happen to such a talented player but if he and the Arsenal doctors do not work on him and improve his conditioning, it could be more time at the treatment table rather than the football pitch.

Jack Wilshere has made only 16 appearances for the club this season and that is not a good sign for him or the club. He needs to play more games to grow into his role, he is just 23 years old but is considered to be one of the best midfielders out there and has earned high praise from the likes of Wenger, Schweinsteiger and Dani Alves, who all consider him to be right up there in terms of playing in the deep central playmaker position.

Arsenal might have a lot of talent in the team, but thinking of selling Jack Wilshere would be one of the most flummoxing decisions they would take. Jack is still young and has time to develop, all he needs is discipline which will help him to grow as a professional and become stronger so that he can provide more to Arsenal and have a good run of games when he is fit.