Should Arsenal, Liverpool And Tottenham Go For Barcelona’s Surplus Forward?

David Villa

With the World Cup 2014 approaching fast, Spanish striker David Villa wants to prove to the world that he has still got what it takes to be a part of the first team and can make it big in the international stage. But for that he needs to get some well deserved gametime under his belt and Braca clearly cannot offer, as Neymar have joined the already crowded attacking line-up, the primary reason he wants to leave the Catalans.

Once a much feared striker, Villa’s stature have diminished and are almost extinct, thanks to continuous injuries that he has suffered over the course of his time at the Camp Nou. And the Spanish leading goal scorer has definitely lost a yard of his pace, lost a bit of flair and his confidence has taken a major blow. Once the focal point of a Valencia attack, he could never get used to the fact of playing as a second fiddle to Messi and for that reason his Barcelona spell has been far from what he would have wanted it to be.

But make no mistake about this fact, the all time leading goal scorer of Spain is still a top quality player and on his day can run through any defence of the world. And the fact that the three Premier League clubs need an attacking reinforcement in the summer, might be reason enough for him to feel elated.

According to reports Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are after this veteran striker and each have its own reason to go after him.

While Arsenal’s search for a top quality striker resumes this transfer window, signing Villa could anyday be a plus for the Gunners. Having the Spaniard in their ranks will itself be an impact to the squad and the players.

Spurs would feel that they have lost out on the Champions League place this season for the want of a quality striker as both Adebayor and Defoe have let them down with injuries and Sporadic performances and if not for Bale, their dream of landing the 4th UCL spot could have vanished well before the season finale.

Liverpool on the other hand, would have to replace the out-bound Luis Suarez and though Villa cannot be termed as an ideal solution, it would certainly provide a momentary boost. Or as reports suggests, they are after Benteke also – Villa + Benteke maybe?

Villa’s playing style, which is highlighted by taking on defenders in one-to-one situation and a knack for long range shots, would also suit him playing in the Premier League. If he can be acquired with the rumoured price of £12m, he would definitely be one of the bargains of the season. At 31, he still can offer a solid 24 months of top quality football.

According to Tre’ Atkinson, a La Liga and Barca expert:

“He has a mixture of Spanish touch and finesse, but his game is very much suited to England’s top tier,” Atkinson said.

“He can beat defenders one vs. one and use his dribbling skills and passing to create for others. He has a fierce shot from distance, but he can also place them wherever he wants.”

 And I agree with Atkinson here. What’s your thought?

Villa has his eyes set on the World Cup next year and England may just provide him with a stage to prove himself again.

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