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Should Arsenal Go In For This £220,000-a-week Striker, Considering They Sign Higuain?

Gonzalo Higuain return from injury

Arsenal are not very far away from making an official announcement of their highest ever signing as Higuain looks ever so close to don the Red and White next season. Arsenal as expected, have made a striker their priority after a mediocre display from Giroud in the previous season and without wasting much time have reportedly agreed to a deal with Real Madrid for Gonzalo Higuain. The rubber stamp is what is required now for the transfer to go through but it may have to wait a bit more for Real to first declare Carlo Ancelotti as their manager.

With Higuain, Arsenal will not only get an improvement over Giroud, but also a huge morale booster for the fans who have lashed out at Wenger in recent years for his transfer activity or the lack of it. But with Higuain in the team, is it wise to go in for Rooney? (Al-though the chances are as likely as the Gunners going through another 49 games unbeaten) But after Arsenal stake holder Usmanov commented on Rooney that the United man would be a ‘great success’ if he were to join the Gunners, rumours started getting in that Arsenal would try and bring in Rooney as well.


It was rumoured that even Wenger was eager to get Rooney from their arch rivals, who had snatched away Robin Van Persie from them just a year back. The transfer fee of Rooney, which was around £23m, was no botheration for the club (reported by Metro and the Sun), which have the financial muscles to flex this season. But the main reason the deal could not go through was because of Rooney’s wage demands, said to be around £250k per week.

Now the question arises that if Wenger, after confirming the deal for Higuain, still gets Rooney for a low price, should he go ahead and sign the striker who was once the heart and soul of the United team?

Its a prospect that is highly debatable as Rooney is one of the hated strikers amongst the Gooners, but we cannot overlook his ability as a pure goal scoring/creating talent. Arsenal are still capable of turning the tide and it is not always a one way traffic where the top players make a move out of the Emirates, but then the good senses may not comply.

Spending around £50m for the same position on the pitch would certainly add depth to the squad, but then Arsenal are no Manchester City or Chelsea. Wenger is no fan of changing is formations and tactics week in, week out and considering Higuain’s deal to be done, you can very well expect the former Madrid man to lead the attack, which as in leaves Giroud’ future with a big question mark. Unless Wenger decides to switch back to 4-4-2, which as of now is not happening as Arsenal do not have a midfield enforcer like Viera to risk it and even if Giroud and Higuain do start in a 4-4-1-1 formation leaving Cazorla to the wings and switching between the combination of Giroud+ Higuain and Higuain + Podolski upfront, there is certainly no place for Rooney here.

Although Rooney likes to create chances from the midfield, we have seen his inability to cope up with the second striker role last season and in Giroud’s defense, the French International has done a decent job in his first season at the Epl (13 goals, 7 assists) and it is likely that he will improve, buying Rooney will only ruin a decent striker’s career.

With still many areas in the team to improve, Arsenal should pat their back for making good business with Gonzalo Higuain and shift their focus elsewhere. In the present scenario, Wayne Rooney, the player who is a pale shadow of his former self now, would not be able to add to much value to the team. Fellaini, Julio Cesar are some of the players Wenger should shift to.

Former Arsenal captain, Tony Adams as Quoted by the Sun, has warned Rooney that he may not enjoy life at London claiming that it is a huge risk.

“I’m not sure Wayne Rooney could handle London, to be completely honest. That would be a massive risk. I don’t think it’s a question of finances. I think it’s his temperament and mentality. London is a different animal and it takes a different type of player.

Adams added: I know Sir Alex Ferguson has dealt with Wayne brilliantly over the last few years and I’m sure Arsene Wenger could handle him, but I’m not sure. I wouldn’t like to spend my money on Wayne.”

So what do you guys think that Arsenal should do?