(Shocking) Stats Show Luis Suarez Is On Par With Cristiano Ronaldo – Liverpool

Luis Suarez vs Cristiano Ronaldo

With both the talismanic figures of the Premier League and the La Liga performing as they are, we at Soccersouls decided to put the duo under the scanner. One is of course the Balon D’ Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo who is widely acclaimed as one of the, if not the best, player in the world right now. The other is the Uruguay and Liverpool striker Luis Suarez whose class before this season, while never doubted was not so prominent either.

While Ronaldo has been a proven world class talent for the last few seasons this is the first season that Luis Suarez has shown that he is a world class player as well. Cristiano Ronaldo for the last few seasons have been the focal point of the Real Madrid attack while Luis Suarez before this season, while a very important player for Liverpool, have never been the main man for the Merseyside club. Even this season while Luis Suarez has blown everyone away with his sublime performances, he is still part of a strike partnership with Daniel Sturridge.

Suarez to stay with Liverpool

With regards to goals scored, the duo is almost on level pegging although Luis Suarez edges it by the slightest of margins. Cristiano Ronaldo this season has scored a total of 27 goals from 26 appearances while the Uruguayan has done a little better with 28 goals from the same number of matches played. So in terms of finishing there is nothing to separate the two although it must be remembered that Ronaldo is a winger while Suarez is an out and out striker. However another thing which must be remembered is that Luis Suarez, this season has played his fair share of games in the wings to accommodate Daniel Sturridge in the team.


While there is no separating the two in terms of goals scored it is the same story with regard to the accuracy of their shots. While Cristiano Ronaldo has a shot accuracy of 54%, the controversial Uruguayan is again just ahead with a shot accuracy of 55%. However when we come to the creating goal scoring opportunities Luis Suarez is currently far better having created 74 chances this season so far in comparison to Cristiano Ronaldo’s paltry 38 chances. When we take into consideration that Cristiano Ronaldo’s job is to create chances for others as well as scoring then it is indeed really low compared to Suarez whose main job is to score goals.

However Cristiano Ronaldo has the upperhand when it comes to duels won one on one. While the Portugese has won an average of 59% one to one duel this season, Luis Suarez is far behind at a paltry 42%.

While the statistics say that the both have been at par this season we must remember the teams both play in. While Ronaldo is surrounded by world class talents at Real Madrid, Luis Suarez at times this season has single handedly carried Liverpool to their Premier League quest. As they say there are lies, then there are damn lies and then there are statistics.

All stats are taken from squawka

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