Shocking News: Brazil Soccer Referee Beheading

This happens only in Brazil. Beautiful game shows its dark face once again.

Few days back, in a local football game (in Brazilian town of Pio XII), referee Octavio da Silva had an argument with a player named Josenir dos Santos. Then the referee stabbed the 30 year old player who died on his way to hospital. Enraged fans invaded the football pitch and beheaded the soccer referee to death.

Police report says it all started when referee Otavio da Silva gave a red card to dos Santos. The two got involved into a fist fight, then Silva took out a knife and killed Josenir. (What Knives doing in a football game?)

Some reports claim that it was the relatives and friends of the player who came into the pitch and beheaded the referee. They also stuck the referee’s head on a stake in the middle of the haunted football field.

World cup in Brazil? Seriously?

Written by Dinesh V

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