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Shocking: Manager Jose Mourinho Could Manage Arsenal When he Leaves Chelsea

Blues boss Jose Mourinho has now stated that he might probably swap west London for north and join Chelsea’s domestic rivals Arsenal. Notorious Arsene Wenger hater, Piers Morgan, recently asked the Portuguese boss in an interview, if he wants to remain in London when he leaves Stamford Bridge. Further, with barely any top jobs available in the capital, Morgan received ‘a glimmer of hope’ that the Emirates could be a likely destination in the future.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

While writing a diary of the GQ Man of the Year Awards for the Mail on Sunday’s Event Magazine, Morgan directly asked the former Real Madrid coach whether he could be the next Arsenal manager.

Mourinho is under fire at present after the worst-ever start to a Premier League season with the west London side and gave a response which seemed rather ‘conspiratorially’.

He stated, “Let me put it like this: one day I will leave Chelsea and when I do I will continue living in London. There are a number of other opportunities for a manager in London – Fulham, QPR, West Ham, Spurs, the England national team… and Arsenal.

Morgan dismissed all the teams who do not feature in the Champions League, which left only the England national side and the north London club, as potential options. Further Mourinho added, “So, Piers, we are left with two options, yes? Arsenal and the England national team. Patience. For now I have given you what you wanted – a glimmer of hope.”