Shocking! Cheslea’s Legend’s Speculation Takes An Ugly Twist

Chelsea’s captain John Terry’s uncertainty regarding his future has turned the Blues fans are disgusted with the way the whole situation is turning out to end up.

According to the fans, after spending 18 years of his life at the Stamford Bridge, the player deserves a better send off. Terry wants to play for a few more years at the Blues, however reports suggest that the player is being forced to leave the club and thus he doesn’t have any other choice than to leave the club.

The 35 year old is not looking to leave his boyhood club, however he does not have a any option than to leave. After making 703 appearances for the Blues till date, terry’s exit from the club does not get anymore undignified.

The player has been offered a move to the MLS clubs, along with former England teammates Steven Gerard, Frank Lampardand Joe Cole all playing for these clubs.

Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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