SHOCKING – Arsene Wenger Smoking Cigarette In Ground

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is known for bringing in strict diet system to English football but it looks like he never followed any strict health rules when he was a young coach in Monaco.

Wenger smoking a cigarette in bench (in ground),


In 2008 during a press conference, Wenger admitted that he used to smoke during his early coaching times,

Wenger said,

“Smoking has both a physical and moral impact [on a player],” “But there is smoking and then there is smoking. You did get players who’d smoke 40 cigarettes a day but now it is much less.
“When I was a player, nobody would ever tell you that you should not smoke. We were driving home in coaches where you had to open the windows in winter to see each other.
“I never smoked a lot and never when I played. But when I became a young coach I had an assistant who smoked and, at 3am in the morning when you have lost a big game, I might have one.”

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