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SHOCK! Manchester United Ready To Swap Marcus Rashford

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marcus rashford

Sometimes we can just say it is fake and well not to mention kind of stupid too. French Daily La Nazione recently published an article, which suggested that Manchester United are preparing to swap young striker Marcus Rashford  for a deal with Fiorentina to bring in Federico Bernnardeschi into the Old Trafford.

marcus rashford
marcus rashford

Young, reliable, talented and most importantly a local player, Manchester United cannot do without Rashford on the pitch and apparently they want to use him as an additional weight for the exchange.

Apparently United have offered €28m (£22.3m) and Rashford for Bernardeschi’s services to Fiorentina.

It seems odd that United would offer Rashford to any other club when they themselves need strikers in their midst, and further Rashford is one of those players who can still manage to save United’s boat in stormy waters, thus it seems obvious that La Nazione is either trying to start a speculation which according to us has fallen flat.

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