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SHOCK! Is Hazard Becoming Another Costa?

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Eden Hazard

Though many had their doubts, Chelsea FC proved them wrong and made it through the group stage of Champions Leagues. Fans seem to be in a better mood than before though not in the best one they would have wanted to be in.

Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard

Chelsea has been struggling this season and it is shown in their league position on the table where they are behind the league leaders Leicester city by 17 points. This has made, the once very popular manager, Jose Mourinho come under scrutiny and pressure this season. Though, after the win against Porto, he seemed to be slightly relieved and happened to mention that he believes “owner is a person to change with the wind”, referring to club owner Roman Abramovich in the discussion.

It is true that Mourinho has done a lot for the club in the past. Just last year he won the title for Chelsea so it is only natural to question what exactly is going on behind the closed doors of Chelsea FC that has caused them their downfall this season. Many believe that all is not well in the Chelsea dressing room. Just a few weeks back their star striker Diego Costa seemed to throw a bib at the manager. Now Eden Hazard appears to have lashed out at his boss too, albeit through body language.

After being substituted in the match against Porto, while he was approaching the subs bench, Mourinho went to greet him with a friendly gesture but it appeared that Hazard did not want to return the favor and appeared to push Mourinho’s hand away. Does it mean there is something going on in the dressing room that is causing discontent between the players and their manager? It is also totally possible that Hazard was tired and probably did not notice it. Well, the ardent Chelsea fans will surely hope so.