SHOCK! Chelsea Star May Leave To Arsenal In Summer

Chelsea defender John Terry’s contract is set to expire in the end of the season and so far the prospect of Chelsea extending their contract for the 35-year-old player is uncertain.

While he may leave Chelsea the English player is still keen on staying at the premier league.

Although, Terry has played most of his football in Blues he is an experienced player and can bring in a lot of leadership and experience with himself if he moves to any other club.

The summer transfer for Petr Cech into the Emirates Stadium tells us that a move for Terry into the club cannot be entirely ruled out. Further Terry if he moves to the Emirates Stadium may add a lot to Wenger’s defensive side.

While many would suggest life after Chelsea is the end of his career for 35-year-old, one can easily see that the players whom Chelsea decided they don’t need anymore have fared well with their experience at other clubs.

Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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