SHOCK! Chelsea Manager Reveals His January Transfer Plans

Guus Hiddink in a recent press conference warned Chelsea against bringing in new players. Interim Manager said:

“You must be rather desperate if you bring in players in January that is true,” 

Although it is tough to agree with Hiddink that Chelsea is not a desperate club, it is also tough to not agree with the Dutchman that bringing in new players in the club at this point of time will not make much difference in the performance of the club as the new players need to adjust with the existing set up created in the club till date.

The uncertainty that Chelsea currently faces with regards to the manager and the players will be a cementing fact that the club needs to stop trying to add players. While Hiddink is just an interim manager his words will not be ignored by the club.

While Hiddink is not against bringing in a young player who can be molded according to the requirement of the club, the manager rules out the addition of experienced players who have a set stylem unless and until their style of play matches the club’s existing set-up.

Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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