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Shame: Arsenal Fans Rip Off Tottenham Signs at White Hart Lane

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Arsenal fans

It’s just too shocking to see such behaviour from a travelling set of fans! Further, when it’s from a set of Arsenal fans, the pain is even more. Being a Gooner myself, though rivalries are always fierce, yet such actions only bring shame. After the recently concluded north London derby that we won 2-1, fans of the club reportedly damaged signs at White Hart Lane on Wednesday night.

Arsenal fans
Arsenal fans after the match

After such a huge win over Spurs, we were all delighted with the performances of our stars after a tough week which saw us controversially lose to Chelsea. However, if we talked about how “classless” the Blues had been in the way, they played the game, this did not make us proud either!

While the players covered themselves in glory and secured a place in the fourth round of the Capital One Cup, rather than the club’s supporters cherishing that moment, a nuisance was created instead. There were minor scuffles between fans and stewards after the final whistle had been blown and some parts of the signs that could be seen at the stadium were ripped out of position.

Further, there were stills showing that our fans enjoyed the moment, as they ripped them apart piece by piece and dropped them on Tottenham supporters that were seated just below them. When Chelsea fans defaced our legend, we reacted, when there were racist allegations against the champions we still pointed them out.

When any such incidents take place, we point them out, yet last night we merely lost our right to do so!! Disappointed!!