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Sergio Aguero Visits Local Pub For His Advertising Campaign

Sergio Aguero is the absolute star this week in Manchester. Besides scoring the goal that gave the ‘citizens’ the much needed triumph over United, the Argentine star has begun a series of surprise visits to local ‘pubs’ as a part of an advertising campaign for City’s sponsor, the clothing brand Puma .

At the beginning of this “tour”, Aguero appeared incognito in a bar and started playing pool to the surprise of those present and the excitement of the fans of Manchester City, who gathered in 100’s after Aguero started playing a frame. Upon his arrival at the  Woodley Arms pub, spectators began to applaud the South American striker in appreciation for his on-field brilliance.

Aguero playing pool

The player played for around 10 minutes and continued shooting for his ad campaign before leaving the place in his Aston Martin.

Despite the club was owned by a Manchester United, Jamie Taylor, he couldn’t resist but welcome the City striker as there were a bunch of City supporters hanging by the Pub. He told the Manchester Evening News,

You couldn’t say No, could you? He’s a great player and I was as giddy as anyone when he came through the door.

‘A lot of our regulars are City fans so it’s been a great afternoon for them and something I’m sure we’ll be having a bit of banter about for a long time.

‘He was pretty handy pool player as well. We’ve got a pool league down here and if he fancies a regular game he’s welcome any time.’
Picture via Reddit.