Selling David Luiz? You Mad Chelsea?

Barcelona need a defender or two to increase the depth of their backline, accepted. They are trying to get two of the best defenders playing professional football right now, logical. Chelsea contemplating to sell David Luiz and Branislav Ivanovic to Barcelona, hilarious!

Of course, there are no official statement from either the club or the player so far. But the fact that such a rumour has come out and that Mourinho is ready to sell the defensive duo for a fee of around £40m are laughable as reported by the  The Sun and ExpressThere has been various rumours out there suggesting that Mourinho doesn’t want to work with defender and that he is ready to sell him, causing quite a bit of agitation amongst the Stamford Bridge faithful.

While we will look at Ivanovic’s performance curve for the past couple of seasons some other time, here we try and prove our point as to why should Mourinho not even remotely consider selling Luiz to Barcelona in the summer.

A dependable defender

Luiz has been a pillar in the Chelsea defence line and he has been the reason for Chelsea to concede a lot less number of goals. He has always been there for his team in the back-line and even when Rafa Benitez decided to move him to the midfield, he did drop back with ease and performed his duties as a defender. His uninhibited tackles and challenges have always been an obstacle for the opposition and now if he is transferred away, a lot of the Premier League strikers will be breathing a sigh of relief.

Spectacular goals

It was a spectacular ability of David Luiz to be able to score goals from far off distances with fast and furious shots. If the ball fell into Luiz’s way outside the box, the keeper had to be on alert at once or before the blinking of an eye, the ball would end up at the back of the net. He was also trusted to take the free kicks for his side and if Luiz moves away, the Premier League fans would surely miss some outstanding long range goals.

A leader

In Luiz, Chelsea have found a true leader and a player who has all the abilities to don the armband in future. He always gives his hundred percent on the field and unlike many players, does not always run for glory. After Lampard and Terry, Luiz is a natural choice for the captain and if they decide to sell him, they would miss out on an apparent bellwether. There is an aura of positivity that surrounds Luiz and for a club that has often dragged itself into controversies, a personality like Luiz is a vital asset.

Albeit, he is hilarious!!

Written by Dinesh V

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