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Selecting A Combined XI From Manchester United And Liverpool – How Will The Team Fare ?

It is arguably the biggest game in any season. Two English clubs with the greatest of history between them lock down in a battle to prove their supremacy. Liverpool travel to Old Trafford to face the league leaders in a hope to halter United who are after title #20.

So apart from the match preview, we decided to pick out the best XI from both the teams.

But before that, have a look at this fan made preview:

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]JcVLq-Lz-DQ[/youtube]

Here is how the team will look like and the selections are mostly based upon current form.

Goalkeeper -Reina: Both Reina and De Gea are good keepers. Though Reina had an average season last year, the current form he is in gets him a nod ahead of the Man Utd keeper. 

Right Back – Rafael: This is probably the toughest of the all the selections. Simply because both the players are having an exceptional season. While Rafael looks good both in offense and defense, Johnson has a slight problem when it comes to defending. His positioning and aerial ability has let him down.

Center Back – Vidic – Before his string of serious injuries he surely was the best defender in the Premier League. If he stays fit, he will get back to that level but anyways he surely gets in the team with or without his current form.

Center Back – Agger – The other obvious choice has to be Agger. Though Evans is another competitor for the slot, Agger’s consistency is better than the United’s man. He is a more composed centre back, clever both with and without the ball.

Left Back – Evra – Enrique is out with a hamstring injury which makes Evra the obvious choice. The French man has improved a lot this season and have scored some goals as well. 

Midfield – Gerrard – No need to comment why. His presence in any team will be a good influence.

Midfield – Carrick – One of the most underrated player in the Premier league. His work rate is as good as it can be. If you can’t see the value of a player like him, you should look deeper into football. Lucas is one of the competitor for the spot but at the moment Carrick is better than Lucas.

Midfield – Kagawa – Back from a lengthy spell in the treatment tables but already in the thick of things. Has a good flare of creative vision. 

Striker – Suárez – One less goal than Van Persie, one less game. The Uruguayan has been turning the screw this season. The responsibility of a lone striker has made him better than he used to be.

Striker – Van Persie – It’s hard to see why he missed out from the world XI team. Maybe he should have played in La Liga. The best goalscorer in the Premier League his form has never really gone down since his move from Arsenal.

Striker – Javier Hernandez – What an impact this lad has made. Though Rooney would have made the team if he was fit. Hernandez has not put a foot wrong this season. A true fox in the box. 8 goals and 2 assists from the 13 Epl games he has played.

It’s a 4-3-3 with Carrick as the deeper one, Gerrard a box to box player and Kagawa in a free role offensively.

Post your thoughts below !