Seedorf’s Tribute To Garrincha

The year was 1953, Rio de Janiero was still trying to recover from the “shock” it suffered in the World cup finals held three years before and the wound was still present. However, a youngster aged only 19, who had a defect in his leg soon began to mesmerize the fans, first of Botafogo and then across the country: Manuel Francisco dos Santos, better known as Garrincha.

The Brazilian star was part of the national team for three World: Sweden 1958, Chile 1962 and England 1966, and winning the first two editions. 

Garrincha created a legacy, for which he is still remembered – his dribbling.

Now, decades later, Former Ajax, Real Madrid and Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf who joined Botafogo in the summer of 2012 did something that patented the great Brazilian’s dribbling.

Here is the dribble by Seedorf last Sunday which led to a beautiful goal scored from a diving header by  Nicolas Lodeiro. 

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]J7-4ts-OsoA[/youtube]

And if that’s not enough, we leave you with a video containing the collection of Garrincha’s dribbles.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]VZqS9JVtfdo[/youtube]




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