See This To Spend The Best 15 Minutes Of Your Life

Watching match highlights is one the best way to spend your Sunday morning and especially when you missed a game, it completely makes your day a lot better.

If watching one goal is not enough, how about watching 100 of them ? Yes, here is the top 100 goals of 2012. I am sure this is the best possible way to spend the next 15 minutes of your life.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]dIpv5NDlCWI[/youtube]

Watching this video makes me a little bit rigid. By ‘a little bit’ I really mean ‘a lot’. Of Course any compilation would have errors in it. Miroslav Stoch, the FIFA Puskas award winner for the goal of the year is at number 36. We have heard FIFA were biased in their World XI selection, but to give the player who won the best goal of the year a 36th rank is a childish error. Nevertheless a great effort to create such a wonderful video. A collection of top notch goals from all across the globe. 

So, which of these goals would you have as your number one? In-fact, let’s make it interesting. Give me your top 3 !! 

Written by Dinesh V

Co-founder of Soccersouls. Living a start-up life 24/7
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