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Scouting For Wenger: 3 Perfect Replacements For Theo Walcott At Arsenal Including This Atletico Madrid Star

Arsene Wenger stated recently that he did not know about Theo Walcott’s future at Arsenal. The 27-year-old English forward has had a troubled time with injuries and a lack of goals all throughout his time at the London club and it could be time to see him leave the side for other opportunities.

With only 9 goals in 42 games this season, Walcott hasn’t really contributed much to the side and more often than not, the English star hasn’t shown any growth in his game, apart from running at full tilt.

Arsenal need someone who is smarter than that and with Wenger under enormous pressure to deliver the Premier League title, he might move in the transfer window and try to pick someone out. Walcott’s future isn’t at Arsenal from what the tabloids have to say but here are three players who could be the perfect replacement for the former Southampton man.

Yannick Carrasco

While all eyes stay on Antoine Griezmann and talks about his future at Atletico Madrid gather steam, there has been another player who has quietly gone about his job and done more than what was required of him in Spain.

Carrasco came from AS Monaco and he has had a decent first season for the Madrid club. The Belgian is one of the trickiest customers to deal with. He has the pace and ability to trouble any defence in the Premier League, the only issue is his consistency which will only get better as he plays more games. Carrasco might be an inexpensive signing, but the 22-year-old star certainly is one for the future.

Riyad Mahrez

This is the signing that everyone would want to have on their side. The Algerian has been the best player in the Premier League this campaign and surely would make any team in the world better. Mahrez is perfectly suited for the English game and he has shown that he can do the damage when needed to other club.

Reports are that Arsene Wenger has already decided to sign the Leicester City star for a price of 25 million pounds. Mahrez scored 17 times and provided 11 assists in the league this season for the Foxes and who knows, he could be scoring more than that next season with the Gunners.

Alex Iwobi

You don’t always have to buy talent to make a statement. Arsenal already have someone who is willing to do the running and also has an eye for creating and scoring goals as well. The Nigerian Iwobi might not be a household name as of yet, but he certainly has impressed in the few appearances made for the London club.

Iwobi might just be 20 years of age, but he has the same number of assists that Walcott has in the Premier League, having played nearly half the number of games as his English counterpart. The Gunners have shown that they can trust the talent they have so why not give the youngster more chances and let him prove his worth over the course of next season.