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Scouting For Wenger: 3 Hybrid Players (Wingers/Strikers) That Arsenal Could Target

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Antoine Griezmann

Over the years Arsenal have lacked a real goal scorer at the tip of the attack and even the fact that they have the likes of Danny Welbeck and Olivier Giroud, the Premier League side still struggle to consistently get goals from their strikers.

They have got an answer for that though and that is Alexis Sanchez, well he isn’t a striker but he did play that role for Barcelona and more prominently for Udinese and this could be the way forward for the Gunners to get those all important goals.

Players aren’t just limited to one position anymore and there are a number of footballers who can play out wide but also they can play as a striker and we list out three such players that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger can target.

Antoine Griezmann

The most obvious choice to have, Antoine Griezmann is the man to have for Arsenal or for any other club also. The Frenchman started out wide for Real Sociedad but has become one of the most lethal players for France and Atletico Madrid.

He scores goals for fun, can assist for the goals as well and that would be great for the Gunners. Griezmann has great movement as well and his scoring record gets better with every season as well. The 25-year-old scored 32 goals last season for Atleti and even though he would be a very expensive signing, he would certainly turn things around for Arsenal.

Dries Mertens

The Belgian might not be one of the players that is spoken of widely from the national side but Mertens is one of the best attacking wingers in Italy and he surely can play as a striker as well, something that Arsenal could use.

The 29-year-old might not be the youngest player in the world but he is in the prime of his life and if Arsenal can even get a couple of good seasons out of the Napoli man, it would turn out to be a great deal. Mertens also could be looking to move out of Serie A and play a different brand of football in another country and the deal wouldn’t be that expensive for Arsenal either.

Nabil Fekir

One player who has stated that he would want to join Arsenal if possible is Nabil Fekir, the Frenchman couldn’t really play a lot of games for Lyon last season due to injury but he is one player who can perform either on the wing or as a striker.

The 23-year-old has excellent movement and a great finish in him as well, plus he is French and would be a great player under Arsene Wenger given his history of doing well with other youngsters as well. Fekir wouldn’t be cheap but he would be a great option for the now and the future as well.