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Scouting For Manchester United: 5 Players Who Could Bolster Their Midfield

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Michael Carrick

Michael Carrick’s importance to the Manchester United team is still as big as when he signed for the club in 2006. He might not have been the first choice in that transfer window but his ability on the ball and his passing range and control have made him a favourite amongst the Old Trafford faithful but as time passes by, the team also has to deal with departures.

Carrick is 34-years-old and United have to plan for his exit from the club sooner or later. Louis van Gaal hasn’t had the best of luck in finding talent or getting them to play really well. To help the Manchester United manager, here is a list of five players who could fill the Carrick role and give United the oomph they have been missing in their midfield.

Kevin Strootman

The knee injury seems to have taken a lot out of Kevin Strootman, not only did he miss the World Cup, he also seems to have lost his fitness and had it not been for the injury, he would have certainly joined Louis van Gaal at Manchester United.

The 25-year-old could still make the move from Roma as he has barely featured for the club due to his injury and maybe spending time with his old national team boss could help the player regain his confidence and fitness. He probably would come at a reasonable price and United could take a risk on the Dutch maestro.

Steven Defour

The 27-year-old is one of the blessed Belgian players who have taken the world by storm. Defour has been more of a journey man and people expected him to kick off when he signed for Porto in 2011 but he has returned to his homeland and now plays for Anderlecht.

A bit of a hard man on the ball, Defour isn’t just known for his passing but his ability to tackle and hold the team in the heart of midfield. His range might not match that of Carrick’s but his combative nature could well be the thing that United need.