Santi Cazorla (Arsenal) vs David Silva (Manchester City): Who Wins The Stats War?

Santi Cazorla (Arsenal) vs David Silva (Manchester City):

David Silva and Santi Cazorla are two of the most creative midfielders in Premier League right now. Both play a very crucial role in their respective teams and are key members of their squads.

Here we have decided to make a statistical comparison between the two Spaniards.

Players Matches Goals Assists Total Shots Interceptions Tackles Won
Santi Cazorla 24 7 6 62 22 33
David Silva 19 6 2 31 11 17

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Santi Cazorla has almost played all the games for Arsenal this season in the Premier League. He has been part of 24 games out of 25 which Arsenal has played. David Silva on the other hand was part of 19 matches out of 25. If goal scoring is considered, David Silva is ahead of Santi Cazorla by 1 goal, considering that Silva is has been used as an out an out attacking option by Manuel Pellegrini. While Cazorla is predominantly an attacking midfielder, due to multiple options in that position, Arsene Wenger often switches his position. Sometimes he is used in the left and sometimes in the central midfield position. We have to keep in mind that Santi Cazorla is an extremely versatile player.


Cazorla has provided more assists than Silva and his total shots count is also way ahead of his countryman’s tally. Irrespective of being an attacking player, Silva has failed to deliver for Manchester City as per his caliber. A lot more is obviously expected from a player like David Silva who is one of the best attacking midfielders in the world right now. Santi Cazorla, on the other hand, is having a season of his lifetime. He has delivered brilliantly for his team and irrespective of having attacking options like Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez in the team; he is the most important threat against any opponent in the league.


The next parameters to judge the performance of the Spaniards are interceptions and tackles won. Santi Cazorla yet again outplays his compatriot in these two regions. Cazorla has intercepted 22 times till now in the league and won 33 tackles. Silva, on the other hand, has just made 11 interceptions and won 17 tackles in the midfield. This clearly projects that Santi Cazorla is a much more versatile player and is more useful to his team than David Silva. The Arsenal midfielder scores goals, provide assists also help his team while defending. His energy on the field is intimidating. Arsene Wenger has the option of using him as winger, as a central midfielder and when needed as an attacking option. David Silva just possesses creativity and can help his team in the attacking zone only.

Santi Cazorla is a real asset to a team while David Silva is just a very good attacking midfielder. We cannot of course belittle Silva’s abilities, but when he is compared to Cazorla, the latter wins by a handsome margin.

But, after all, these abilities, Cazorla still remains an unsung hero in world football.

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