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Ryan Giggs vs Jose Mourinho: Who Is Best Suited To Replace LVG At Manchester United?

Manchester United haven’t performed to the level of standard their fans has come to require from them over the years. This season their performances have been – as Paul Scholes called them – ‘boring’. Louis Van Gaal was supposed to bring back stability back to the club after the turbulent reign under predecessor David Moyes – something he achieved in his first season – however this season hasn’t gone to plan at all.

Out of the Champions League and languishing in 5th place in the Premier League, the hierarchy at United already look to have made the decision to replace LVG at the end of the season. United fans have been unimpressed with their team’s performances over the last couple of months,  games against Norwich and Southampton at Old Trafford in particular with fans booing at the full-time whistle – and even at half-time in the latter game. This reaction seems to had an impact on the United hierarchy who this week were reported to have held talks with Jose Mourinho’s representatives. With recent performances, no-one can blame United for planning for the future.

But who is best suited for Man Utd? With Man City announcing Pep Guardiola as their new manager for next season, Man Utd are now under pressure to find someone who can compete with Guardiola. Jose Mourinho has been linked with United since his sacking from Chelsea and he has made no attempt to quash those rumours. There is no denying he wants the job, he has the managerial pedigree United will be looking for but his controversial actions could hamper any deal with the Red Devils.

In the first game of the season, Mourinho was a the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons when he vented his frustration at the Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro as she ran on to the field to treat Eden Hazard – a move Mourinho called ‘naive’. These particular actions are what United fans are apprehensive about, and why he divides opinion around Old Trafford. During his time at Chelsea, Mourinho managed Juan Mata, however, he was not Mourinho’s type of player and sold him to Man Utd. If Mourinho was to join United, what would happen to Mata? – an influential player and a fan favourite.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

Mourinho has never stayed with a club longer than three years which would make him a short term fix at United. Will he bring you trophies, it’s more than likely but hiring Mourinho would show just how different United are now compared to their time under Sir Alex Ferguson.

The other option and the more favourable one with the United fans would be Ryan Giggs. The current assistant manager has worked with Moyes and Van Gaal since Ferguson left, learning his trade and gaining valuable experience. If the position became available there is no doubt he will be interested, but will United want a manager with such little experience?

He would be a very different option from Mourinho, all of the fans would welcome him with open arms and he would want to bring back the exciting, passionate football United fans were so used to seeing under Ferguson. Barcelona were in a similar position in 2008 when they opted to give the position to Pep Guardiola – a manager with little experience who went on to win 14 trophies and bring the most successful period in the Barcelona’s history.

With Ryan Giggs, a similar scenario could occur. Under Moyes and Van Gaal, Giggs has learnt what doesn’t work at United and under Ferguson, he learnt what does.  He knows the club better than anyone and he knows what the fans want to see which is why if United want to get back to the glory days under Sir Alex Ferguson, United need to give the job to Giggs and bring the passion back to the team, the club and the fans. It will be a risk but so be would hiring Mourinho and LVG has consistently reiterated Giggs would eventually replace him so it would be interesting to see who United decide to go with; the experienced but controversial Jose Mourinho or the man who knows the club better than anyone – Ryan Giggs.