Rumour Of The Day: Mourinho Cried When He Didn’t Get The Manchester United Job

Jose Mourinho

This is probably the worst rumour of the day: Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho wanted the United hotseat and allegedly cried he didn’t get it.

Probably a false alarm. Well, according to a new book by El Pais journalist Diego Torres, “the happy one” actually shed a tear when he found Moyes had been chosen ahead of him to take the helm at Old Trafford.

There has certainly been a lot of rumours over the past year about Manchester United’s hotseat once Sir Alex Ferguson calls it a day. With Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and David Moyes amongst other names being tipped for the United job, Mourinho’s secret meeting With Sir Alex during Real Madrid’s Champions League clash certainly ringed some bells.

However, there has always been a strong link between Mourinho and Chelsea and as claimed, Jose Mourinho returned to the place “where his heart really belongs” at the start of this summer, leaving behind all the false accusations that has been circling around. (His wife stays at London, which is also one of the main reason for Mourinho’s decision)

The extract from Torres’ new book  (El Pais journalist) Preparense Para Perder (Get Ready To Lose) says Mourinho was ‘incredulous’, and shouted ‘But he’s won nothing.’ when he heard the news.

Torres says that ‘Mourinho, fed by his devoted agent [Jorge Mendes] believed that Ferguson, as well as an ally, was his friend and Godfather. He was convinced that they enjoyed a friendship of genuine trust.

‘He thought that his fabulous collection of titles, two European Cups, seven League Cups and four in four different countries, constituted an endorsement no other candidate had.’

As ESPN reports, Torres adds, ‘Those he was talking to, could hear him noisily sobbing and word spread. The most feared man in the company was crushed.’

PS: We are not sure of this news, as United officials including Sir Bobby Charlton, claimed that Moyes was “the chosen one” and that they are not really comfortable with Mourinho’s working style when they unveiled David Moyes as the Manchester United manager.

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