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Rovaniemen Palloseura – The Coldest Football Club In The World

Can you play football at -18 C and still survive after 90 minutes ? Well the players in Rovaniemen Palloseura football club in Finland do that week in week out. Founded in 1950 and based in Rovaniemi, Finland this club has been identified as the coldest place to ever host an official football in the world.

Their lung capacity must be as good as a Jaguar running continuously for hours. Almost all the matches are played below freezing temperatures and some of it reaches as low as -18 C. What’s more interesting is the fact that there are foreign players from much warmer conditions are a part of this club as well. Players from Nigeria, Mexico and El Salvador are amongst the few Countries.

Rovaniemen Palloseura have also registered themselves in Europe competitions when they played in the 1990-91 UEFA cup. It was the last time they were seen in Europe, Maybe warmer conditions did not suit the boys from Arctic circle.

See the video below to have a better understanding

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]JffAzthA-ik[/youtube]