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Robben & Ribery Friends Again!

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In a recent interview, Robben clarified that his relationship with his fellow winger Ribery is back to normal.

Ribery and Robben – Friends again

“Ok again now. We’re working towards the same end and I hope it’s going to be fun playing together with him again.”, he commented on his relationship status with Ribery.

Robben was also optimistic about Bayern’s chances of winning the Bundesliga this season.

“Team is completely got over the disappointments of last season and we will give everything to get the title back from Dortmund.”

Both Robben and Ribery played their part in Bayern’s recent friendly win against Wolfsburg. Ribery assisted Robben who chipped the Wolfsburg goalkeeper to secure a win in that game.

Bayern landed back on Munich after their five day trip to China. Now the team will join Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger (who were left behind for their individual training) in Munich for their planned weekend training sessions.