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Remembering The Slip From Gerrard: How Liverpool Still Haven’t Recovered From It

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April 2014 will always be a big memory for Liverpool fans, but not in a good way. Chelsea came to visit Anfield and all the Reds needed to do was get a point in the game and they could have won the Premier League, as long as they defeated Crystal Palace and Newcastle.

But that was not to happen, Steven Gerrard, of all people slipped and let Demba Ba to score the biggest goal of his career and well the biggest mistake of Gerrard’s life still haunts him and Liverpool. The Reds didn’t break their much wanted record of not winning the Premier League, but more than that it has affected the Reds a lot after that incident.

The Reds even blew their next game against Palace as they went in search of goals and let go of a three goal lead, which effectively was their best chance of winning the Premier League but that was not the end of it all.

The pain still stays

Brendan Rodgers did state that Liverpool will come back stronger next season, but nothing of that sort happened. The reason for the madness that was the 2013-14 season, Luis Suarez, was sold to Barcelona and talk about investing in the squad to replace someone of that talent still goes on.

Liverpool brought in a bunch of new players, but none of them had an impact on the side. Mario Balotelli was one of the biggest buys and also the riskiest and even he has been sent back to AC Milan at the start of this season.

Big money signings such as Lazar Markovic are also out on loan and well the complete club is a mess. None of their signings clicked and a lot was said about how the plan had gone awry. There is no chance of replacing a player like Suarez, the Uruguayan has shown the quality he has at Barcelona and to be true, it does seem that he was carrying the Liverpool side.

Gerrard on his part tried to help Liverpool get back in the Champions League places last season and in the crucial game against Manchester United at Anfield, his last one against the enemy before going to the MLS, he was sent off for a stupid stamp in the game.

Liverpool lost that game and lost their momentum and well, that was the end of an era for the Reds. Gerrard left and that void has never been replaced. Rodgers survived a stay of execution and brought in a few more players, noticeably Christian Benteke to help Daniel Sturridge but that did not work for him as well and he was sacked in October.

Out with the old and in with the new, for once there is optimism at the club thanks to the signing of Jurgen Klopp who has slowly brought his playing style into Liverpool and hopefully next season the Reds can actually do something in the league, maybe a top four finish?

That is the future, but for all Liverpool fans the pain of watching their club legend slip when the holy grail was in their grasp will remain etched in memory. Liverpool never had a better chance of winning the league and well they might need a few more years before they can achieve that glory. Normally a team comes back stronger after such a close shave, but Liverpool have regressed.

They are in good hands though, and should make an impact and with a chance of going all the way in the Europa League, it could lead to better things with the German in charge.