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Reasons Why Betting Companies Sponsoring Clubs Have Increased

Betting companies sponsor many Premier League clubs. The practice was permitted since the early 2000s, and now the betting industry has not only increased in revenue. They also expanded their reach through online bettings even in countries like New Zealand, where gambling is regulated.

You can later by clicking on the link. But now, let’s talk about several factors that made betting companies increase their sponsorship in clubs and its effects on the league.

It Is Not a New Thing

It has already been two decades since Fulham became sponsored by Betfair in the 2002/2003 season. Views of the people have not changed; in those days, however, the one-year sponsorship pulled through. 

The deal with Fulham was just the beginning and had inspired other betting companies like Bwin. First struck a deal with A.C. Milan in 2006, Bwin ignored the criticism and had a 14 million per year deal with the Real Madrid club. 

Since then, many betting companies have followed suit and even have multiple shirt sponsorship deals with clubs in the league.


In the Premier League season, where the top players go head to head for the championship, billions watch every game. The main reason is company endorsement as a shirt sponsor, having your brand on the uniform of the top football clubs. 

With billions of people watching the game, many companies partner with football clubs. These partnerships provide club funds in exchange for having their brand printed on the uniform of their players. 

High Revenue

The undeniable rise of online gambling and the jobs and income it generates can fund such teams. To some, it is a considerable risk to partner with clubs and the best athletes in the world, but it pays off. With billions of game viewers, the shirt ads put any company into the spotlight. 

Concerns and Conclusion

Betting companies are sponsoring many teams. As of last year, 19 clubs had a betting company as a minor or primary sponsor. Prominent names like Betway, bet365, OUBAO BET, and Parimatch, to mention a few. There is pressure from authorities as many complain about betting companies’ sponsorships. 

There are laws regulating gambling, but placing ads and sponsoring clubs is not prohibited. But with the frequent ad exposure and marketing products, the government is reviewing the situation. With public pressure, the authorities set bans betting sites from sponsoring the clubs. 

After the pandemic, many clubs are recouping financially as running a football team is expensive. Some of these clubs have betting sites as their main sponsors, and the ban may affect them. Many clubs wish to lift the ban until the season ends to lessen their financial burdens.