Real Madrid CF: Why Everything Is Wrong With This €80million Deal

Real Madrid snatched up World Cup Golden Boot winner, James Rodriguez, for a whopping €80million fee on a long lasting 6 year deal, throwing the entire transfer window into disarray. The Colombian striker has signed on for the Spanish giants from French club AS Monaco and the buzz around the 23 year old is simply too much.

First off, most of the fans are quite dumb. Anyone who’s new to football will start following Real Madrid. So even if someone off the street is picked up by the club, social networking pages will be raging with the tag of ‘superstar’ and ‘sheer brilliance’ attached to that player. That’s sadly the truth with everything that surrounds this major club. No doubt Madrid have secured a top spot in world football and have generated an immense number of TV viewership in the name of the game, but a certain negativity such as the blatant fan following puts down the stature of the club itself. Before the World Cup in Brazil even started, most of the new fan population had no clue that James Rodriguez was an incredible youth prospect. Even the speculation surrounding the Bale news was nothing compared to this fresh tale.

Now you might be wondering if I think James Rodriguez isn’t a superstar. As a matter of fact, I do think he’s an amazing player, who’s tactically brilliant and quick on his feet but does that really justify the price paid by his new owners? It doesn’t at all and for what it’s worth, keeping Angel di Maria who’s performed in all top competitions, including the World Cup shouldn’t be shown the door that easily just because they have found a new shiny toy on the market.

Now secondly, on what basis has the high market value arrived at? On a club level, there are many players who have proved that they need a bigger stage, but this has put out a horrible statement for any budding player out there. Performing in the World Cup is supposed to boost the attraction of the club football he plays on a regular basis. Scoring some screamers and taking a chunk of responsibility in Colombia’s success story in Brazil adds 50 odd million pounds to his market value? By those standards, Tim Krul should be worth at least €50 million after that mind boggling penalty shootout against Costa Rica.

His positional placement itself wasn’t necessary with the club already equipped with the most experienced veterans and young guns. With Ronaldo and Bale to cover most of the ground up front, and di Maria and the recently added Bayern Munich and German attacking midfielder, Kroos, there to control the midfield section, Rodriguez seems to be a far stretch in the squad sense. After a couple of years of generating enough club level football and a proper goal tally, clubs should have shown that interest. But right off the bat of WC stardom, Madrid just blazed through without thinking clearly, sending their top midfielder probably the other way to French club, PSG.

Written by Dinesh V

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