Rangers Player Wages 2022: Weekly salaries, contract details, and agents

Rangers F.C is often referred to as Glasgow Rangers. Here we bring you all the latest player wages and weekly salaries from Rangers F.C.

The Light Blues are one of the veteran clubs globally and are placed in the top 100 most valuable teams in the world. They are the second-highest paying football team in the Scottish league, and many of their players are on lucrative contracts in the Scottish Premiership. Here we tell you about the player wages, weekly salaries and contract details of Everton.

Current Rangers Players Wages and Contracts 2022

Rangers, aka Glasgow Rangers, are the fourth-oldest football club in Scotland. This club was founded by four teenage boys as they walked through West End Park in March 1872. Rangers have the third-largest football stadium in Scotland. They are the second most successful club globally in terms of trophies won. Rangers have won the Scottish League title 55 times, a domestic league joint world record. The Scottish cup 33 times, the Scottish League Cup a record 27 times, and the domestic treble on seven occasions.

Rangers Player Wages
Rangers Player Wages 2022 (Peakpx)

The club held the record for the most enormous travelling support in football history when an estimated 200,000 fans arrived in Manchester for the 2008 UEFA Cup final.

 Rangers was formed by four brothers, Mosses McNeil, Peter McNeil, Peter Campbell and William McBeath. On 27 May 1899, Rangers Football Club Ltd incorporated, creating The Rangers Football Club Ltd. In November 1988 head of the Lawrence Group, Lawrence Malborough, sold out to David Murray for £6 million. In 2000, David Murray decided to list the company on the stock exchange with the company name changed to The Rangers Football Club Plc. There are several shareholders in the club, with the majority of shares being taken by New Oasis Asset Limited.

Rangers’ highest-paid player 

Alfredo Morelos is the highest-paid player for Rangers, with a yearly salary of £1,716,000 and a weekly wage of £33,000. The Colombian International signed with Rangers a deal worth €1 million (approx) on 19 June 2017.           

Alfredo Morelos celebrates after scoring for Rangers. (Getty Images)
Alfredo Morelos celebrates after scoring for the Rangers. (Getty Images)

He scored his first two goals for the Rangers in a 6-0 win over Dunfermline Athletic in the second round of the Scottish League Cup. He became the first Rangers player to score a Champions League goal for ten years last season. 

Ranger Player Wages 2022 and contracts- Complete list 

Player NamePositionAgeContract ExpiryAnnual SalaryWeekly WagesAgentLoaned from different clubs
Allan McGregorGK402022PLG Scotland
Robby McCrorieGK232023£ 1,92,400£ 3,700Quanic SPORTS
Jon McLaughlinGK332024£ 3,17,200£ 6,100ER Sports Agency
Connor GoldsonCB252022£ 17,16,000£ 33,000Wasserman
James SandsCB212023WassermanLoan
Filip HelanderCB282023£ 7,28,000£ 14,000MD ManagementLoan
Jack SimpsonCB252025
Leon BalogunCB332022£ 7,28,000£ 14,000Avid Sports Group
Borna BarisicLB282024£ 9,36,000£ 18,000Agentum Sports
Calvin BasseyLB212024£ 3,32,800£ 6,400

James TavernierRB292024£ 12,48,000£ 24,000Storm Sports XLoan
Mateusz ZukowskiRB202025BMG Sport
Joe AriboCM242023£ 7,28,000£ 14,000Elite Project Group Ltd.
Glen KamaraCM252025£ 10,92,000£ 21,000Storm Sports X
John LundstramCM272024£ 11,44,000£ 22,000Wasserman
Aaron RamseyCM312022£ 91,00,000£ 1,75,000Avid Sports GroupLoan
Ryan JackCM292023£ 6,24,000£ 12,000
Scott ArfieldCM332022£ 8,32,000£ 16,000
Steven DavisCM372022YMU Group
Nnamdi OfoborhCM212025£ 4,10,800£ 7,900CAA Base Ltd
Ians HagiAM222024£ 10,92,000£ 21,000AC Talent
Ryan KentLW242023£ 9,36,000£ 18,000Relatives
Scott WrightLW232025£ 2,91,200£ 5,600
Amad DialloRW192022£ 14,56,000£ 28,000Sport Agency FuturaLoan
Alfredo MorelosCF252023£ 17,16,000£ 33,000Footfeel& Echo Sports
Kemar RoofeCF282024£ 13,52,000£ 26,000YMU Group
Fashion SakalaCF242025£ 4,31,600£ 8,300Wasserman
Cedric IttenCF242024£ 7,28,000£ 14,000IFM

Rangers loaned out player’s wages and contracts in 2022

Player NamePositionAgeContract ExpiryAnnual SalaryWeekly WagesAgent
Nikola KaticCB252023Zeleni Centar Sport
Glenn MiddletonLW222023KIN Partners
Stephen KellyCM22Quanic Sports
Jake HastieLW242023£ 2,65,200£ 5,10014 Sports Management
Ben WilliamsonCM202023Quantum Sports
Andy FirthGK252022
Kieran WrightGK222022

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions about  Rangers F.C

Below are some of the common questions fans have regarding some of the Rangers’ main players.

  1. Who is the highest-paid player at Rangers?

As of 2022, Alfredo Morelo is the highest-paid player at Rangers with a weekly wage of £33,000.

2. What is the total team value of the Rangers?

According to Gersnet, the total team value of Ranger is around $636 Million.

3. How much do Rangers spend on total annual wages?

As per Salary Sport, Rangers is spending close to £20 million every single season on player wages.

4. Who is the all-time top scorer for Rangers in their history?

Ally McCoist is the all-time top goalscorer with 355 goals.

Ally McCoist hilariously made opponent believe he was being substituted  during Rangers clash with Dundee United
Ally McCoist is the all-time top goalscorer (talk Sport)

5. How much does Giovanni van Bronckhorst earn in a year?

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has a £1.4 million a year contract at Rangers F.C.

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