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QPR Forward Jay Bothroyd Inks The Most Bizarre Tattoo

He claims love with images of war. Jay Bothroyd, Queens Park Rangers front man has caught the attention of the English media, as he posted pictures in instagram containing a very bizarre body art. It says Love, but the font he chose to ink it, was weapons. A pistol, a grenade, a knife and a machine gun combined together to form the word Love on his left Torso. 

“It means we have to fight for love, More than anything it’s artistic.” says Jay Bothroyd when asked, but the controversy behind the tattoo remains. The player has since  removed the picture from his Instagram account but to remove it from his body may be a different question all together and the QPR front man says he is ready to face the consequences.

The gun forming the letter “L”, the grenade is set to the “O”, the small knife is the “V” and the machine gun as the “E” with their handles and the trigger.

He will look “hard ‘n’ cool” in a shopping centre with his Nike air trainers, basketball shirt and tracksuit bottoms on, not forgetting his baseball cap worn at an “attitude angle”. But on reality it looks like a footballer who looks more like a gangsta wannabe.