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Pros And Cons Of The “Next Chosen One” Louis van Gaal – Manchester United

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Pros and Cons of Louis van Gaal as Man United manager

It has been rumored heavily that Manchester United will be hiring Louis van Gaal as their head coach and manager in the next season and that would mean that there would be a whole lot of changes that can be expected from him. There are always advantages and disadvantages that a manager brings along with him when he joins any club and that is what we are looking at when we look at the pros and cons of van Gaal as Man United manager.


He has managed top players: Louis van Gaal has the wealth of experience after managing clubs like Ajax, Barcelona and Bayern and hence has the experience of managing top clubs and players. Unlike David Moyes, who was overwhelmed by the stature of the club, van Gaal is well expected to be at home at Manchester United. All the more he has been successful with all these clubs and has been good with the Netherlands national team.

He has a philosophy: David Moyes lacked a strong philosophy and hence there was no identifiable feature in this season’s Manchester United. Louis van Gaal is sure to establish his philosophy as he is a very experienced manager who prefers free flowing style of football. Man United team performs best when they have one consistent philosophy and identity, that establishes their style of play.

He is a strong and gutsy manager: He is a very strong minded manager and would not be shy to dictate his rules. If he feels he needs to use a certain tactic to win a game, which would mean benching of one of the stars, he would not mind doing it. David Moyes, again was unable to deal with the star quotient of Manchester United and as a result, he lost the respect in the dressing room. Louis van Gaal is well known to be an authoritarian with his experience and confidence.

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