Promoted teams here to stay and more – Here are 5 key takeaways from the PL over the month of August


Premier League opinion: 5 takeaways from the month of August

With three game weeks done and the month of August coming to a close, here are the five things we can take away from the action we’ve witnessed as it promises to be yet another exciting Premier League campaign.

The promoted teams are here to stay

Despite their distinctive styles, Aston Villa, Norwich City and Sheffield United have all impressed.

Norwich have been one of the most exciting attacking sides in general and Teemu Pukki has been a revelation. The Blades have bought overlapping centre-backs to the Premier League, which is a tactical innovation that even Pep Guardiola would be an admirer of.

Aston Villa have been a bit of a throwback with their direct style from the initial years in the Premiership.

Teemu Pukki

Liverpool and Manchester City are forming a rivalry born from the Premiership

When Premier League rivalries come to mind, we think of Wenger and Ferguson with their great Arsenal and Manchester United sides and their talismen Roy Keane and Patrick Vierra.

It looks like City and Liverpool are the first real rivalry to match them as there’s a relentless nature to both sides, led by their managers Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp. It looks like it’s going to be a two-horse race once again.

The contenders for top-four are still recovering

It looks like Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Spurs will continue to battle it out amongst themselves for a top-four spot with all 4 of them still hungover from their abject displays towards the end of the season. It looks like the clubs themselves are their own worst enemy.

Too early to predict relegation scenario

Newcastle United and Crystal Palace were certain for relegation after two games but both came back flying to give a massive sucker punch to two of the big dogs. Brighton were also in a similar bracket but Graham Potter’s side looks fresh and fun.

The promoted sides, as mentioned above, are also looking impressive.

The best of the rest is just that

The likes of Leicester City, Wolves, Everton and West Ham were counted upon to break the barrier and make headway into the top-six but it looks far from likely.

Leicester are sitting at 4th place right now but if you look away from their first-team, they don’t have a squad comparable to the rest of the top-six.

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