PREMIER LEAGUE: What is So Amazing Up to this Far?

Premier League

It might be too early to tell the possible outcome of the English Premier League. However, the progress is so far good. You most likely have noticed trends such as big teams pulling away from each other, but it is not a new thing in the EPL

However, there are new advancements that might be impactful or even less of it due to some factors. If you have been keen, the VAR is already integrated into the EPL. But it really worth it? Also, a new goal-kick law comes up! Well, they are trends that need to be looked into keenly. 

New Goal-Kick Rule

A long time ago, the ball had to be played on the outside part of the penalty area, especially before it is even touched by a member of your team. This is a new trend that was never an issue in the early ’90s. You had seen how the ball had to be distributed to the other players in incredibly high shorts with the play beginning in just around the halfway line.

However, that has rapidly taken a shift. A goalkeeper can make a short one just inside the box. It is seemingly one of the new tricks rather than a high ball short to stretch the play. Manchester City’s Ederson seems to be leading the way for such short passes. It is a trend that seems to spread to other players, and let’s see if it will help Manchester City to catch up and close the gap between them and Liverpool before the end of the season. Bookies such as Get Lucky betting have their own say on that. Will that bring them to their third (!) consecutive English Premier League trophy? Only time will tell. Liverpool certainly seem hungry, especially because that is THE trophy that is missing from their massive trophy cabinet. 

The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

Is it really impactful or just another football speculation? Well, it may not be helpful, as many people might think. You have witnessed that some of the incidents that needed the proof of the VAR just backed up the decision of the on-field referees. This means the furious debates on the new system may not settle soon. 

If you take a look at the spot-kicks that have been awarded over time with the help of the new system, you will notice that they are below average compared to the previous seasons. Also, for the over 30 incidences that have been put on the big screen, it is discouraging to find out that merely six of them have been turned out otherwise.


You have explored the top two trends that seem to have made a bit of impact in the English premier league. Let us wait and see if the VAR will be more impactful, or it is just another white elephant in the football arena.

Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

Ditching a corporate job to follow a dream isn’t easy, but when football comes calling, who can say no? Been following the beautiful game since 1998. FIFA addict, F1 fanatic.
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