Premier League Transfers: Bale And Suarez Saga Updates

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has taken an extremely bold step in dealing with Luis Suarez. To validate the club’s superiority over a single player, no matter how big the player is, he has made Luis Suarez to train alone. Rodgers is visibly frustrated with the behaviour of Suarez and has taken the extreme decision to segregate him from the group. Arsenal have made an offer for the Uruguayan, but the Merseyside club has so far remained adamant in their efforts to keep Suarez. Suarez has made a number of statements in his efforts to force his way out of the club, but he has not handed over a formal transfer request for financial implications.

Luis Suarez to Arsenal?
Luis Suarez to Arsenal?

“It’s been a difficult period for him but it’s my job to protect the group and the football club. Once he’s back in line with the spirit that everyone knows of him, and the commitment, then he’ll rejoin the group. It’s obviously been a difficult few days for him but he knows where we stand as a football club.” is what Rodgers had to say regarding the latest development.

He went on to mention about the stand of the club and the owner in this regard and made it very clear that the club does not consider selling as an option. “We’re quite calm. The club is in control of the situation. The ownership have been brilliant. They’ve been quite adamant and clear and have supported our intention of wanting to keep him.”

“We don’t feel like we’re fighting a losing battle. He’s a contracted player for Liverpool and I’m fairly confident he’ll remain that.” he added.

Real Madrid are again looking to better themselves with the record transfer fee that they have offered for Gareth Bale. The current record is also held by them for Ronaldo, but now they are bidding an astronomical amount of £80m for Bale. But still Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is in no mood to let go off the Welsh star for this sum and is demanding £100m, as because no other Real player seems interested to be part of a swap deal.

But reality seems to have hit the Spanish giants as they are now struggling to arrange for the money. The financial institutions in Spain are willing to make a loan to the club at a very nominal interest rate, much like they did last time for Ronaldo. Although, they are currently facing a bit difficulty, the club is Real Madrid after all and hence the fans may be hopeful to see Bale don the famous white jersey very soon.

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