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Premier League Top 4 Predictions – Can Arsenal And Manchester Untied Squeak In?

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Premier League

The Premier League has almost hit the midway mark with the 16th round of fixtures being played over the weekend. We are now getting an idea of which teams are doing well and will push on in the league and which teams will be struggling, of course the January transfer window can help certain clubs but that doesn’t always equate in making a huge surge up the league table.

There is one particular race which has been intriguing since the start of the season and that is for the top 4 spots in the Premier League, qualification for the UEFA Champions League is the minimum requirement for the big clubs while this season it has been a couple of unexpected clubs have been in the running.

Liverpool have been struggling big time while Spurs and Arsenal are getting their way back in the running for the top 4. Manchester United also are doing exceptionally well while Southampton and West Ham United are the two teams, who are trying to break into the top 4, here are the predictions for the top 4 finishers in the league at the end of the season, they are in no particular order.


Chelsea are sure shots for a top 4 finish, they have looked like the best team in the league and barring a calamity they should not only qualify for the UEFA Champions League but they should win the league. They have the best squad and anything less than winning the Championship will be a major disappointment for the London club.

Manchester City

City have picked up their form over the past few weeks and should easily finish in the top 4. They are the only club who can compete with Chelsea at the moment though they will be missing their star striker Sergio Aguero for a month or so due to injury; they should still have the fire power to finish the league season in 2nd or 3rd place.

arsenal vs Manchester united
Can Arsenal and Manchester United finish at 3rd and 4th respectively?

Manchester United

The season might have started shakily for Louis Van Gaal but 6 wins out of 6 has moved the club into third position in the league and with no games to disrupt the side in midweek, they should also be making it easily into the top 4. They might not be playing the best of football but they are getting results, which is the most important thing for a club like Manchester United, they need to get back into the Champions League as soon as possible.


The Gunners might be 5th at the moment but they should squeak into the top 4 this season, with Liverpool and Spurs flattering to deceive, their only real competition are Southampton and West Ham United. Southampton have lost 4 on the bounce while West Ham would be facing the heat later on in the season, simply because Wenger has always qualified for the Champions League, they should make it through.