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Prediction and Betting For the Champions League 2018-19

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The top level of soccer games eventually ends with the champion’s league – the biggest game of the year. With Real Madrid appear to seal the fourth title in a row we can say that champion’s league football isn’t so far off.  Although famous strikers like Cristiano Ronaldo and other are not there to prepare them, still they are considered the favorite team to win the trophy. Well, there are still other big teams to compete with such as Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, and Barcelona and others.

However, Liverpool which was last year’s runner-up and Roma as last year’s semi-finalists show us that the low-level teams can go a little bit far in the tournament too.

This year’s champion’s league final match will be the 64th season o the football competition. Just like the last 4 consecutive years, everyone is betting on the Real Madrid to win the trophy this time too.

However, the main reason the teams are facing shielding the trophy is the new format of the game. This format was introduced in 1992 and then reinvented to include the champions only, and then it went to incorporating those finishing in second, third and fourth leagues on domestic levels. Consequently, it provided strict competition in the early stages as well.

As we all know that the winners of this year’s champion’s league final match will be qualified for the European Super Cup and FIFA world cup in the same and following season, let’s see that the bet on Real Madrid is worth it or not.

With Real Madrid being the most successful and favorite betting team in the competition’s history, Spanish Giants, AC Milan with 7, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Liverpool all of them with 5 wins come next. It is already on a bet that Bayern Munich and Barcelona were the strongest teams to give Real Madrid a tough competition.

Let us have a look at the favorite betting teams of the champion’s league; first and most obvious is Real Madrid with four consecutive wins.

Manchester City have also emerged as the strong team in this year’s league as they failed really badly in the previous years. Barcelona with winning the trophy in 2015 along with Paris Saint-Germain have the odds of 7/1 and 6/1 respectively for winning this year’s trophy.

This year’s champion’s league has the potential to be a classic encounter as two famous teams Real and Liverpool have already marked their way in different aspects. This is the only reason to be care full while betting on the champion’s league 20018-19. Bet on champions league is an important decision as it can either make you or break you. If we look at the champions of each team we can say that famous Christiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Gareth Bale if he is considered to be fit and gets selected. While on the other hand, we can say that Liverpool’s main peril is Mohammad Salah in conjunction with Roberto Firmino.

So if we have a look at the odds of most bookmakers we can say that Real Madrid is the favorite team to win. It is not a must but most of the punters expect them to win. According to the bookmakers, they are priced almost 1.65 whereas the odds of Liverpool are almost 2.30.

If we look at the psychological aspect, both the teams have an amazing management team and coaches. They are giving a tough time to each other. So the belief is that both teams want to win and both have the potential to win.

  • Christiano Ronaldo to score at any time (odds of 1.79)

However, if we choose Real Madrid then the reason is that they have the best goalkeeper as compared to Liverpool’s. If things go off beam then their bench is also better. So if we pick Christiano Ronaldo at the odds 1.79 to score anytime is too appealing to miss, because he is a good scorer with both feet and in the air too.

  • Double chance is for Liverpool to win or draw (odds of 1.72)

Making bets that have a negative correlation is not a wise decision, but here too the odds seem good. Betting on this team for the victory is a bit risky. However, if you combine it with a draw or win, then there can be a chance.

To conclude it can be said that the game is fierce, intense and stronger this time since Istanbul 2005. It will be an entertaining final to watch. Both teams are all geared up and ready to take the trophy. We are hoping for the best, and hope that the end result doesn’t disappoint anyone.