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Predicted Liverpool’s Attacking Line-up If Klopp Manages To Sign This Long Term Arsenal Target In January

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PSG midfielder Julian Draxler in action. (Getty Images)
Julian Draxler

How Would Liverpool Line Up With Julian Draxler In The Team

With Philippe Coutinho looking increasingly likely to exit Liverpool in January, reports linking the Reds with Paris Saint-Germain forward Julian Draxler have surfaced. Although he is one of Germany’s brightest young prospects, Draxler is struggling to receive adequate game time at the French club, even more so after Neymar’s arrival. A youngster like him needs to play day in and day out to hone his skills further. Since he is not able to do that at PSG, the player could be better off considering his options – and Liverpool are believed to be very interested.

Coutinho has been essential to Liverpool’s success ever since he joined the club. His creative playmaking and penchant for orchestrating the play remain unparalleled at Anfield. In fact, Jurgen Klopp would have been in quite a spot had the Brazilian departed over the summer. Although he stayed back eventually, there is no guarantee he would continue to do so even beyond this season, making it all the more necessary for the manager to identify back-up targets.

Draxler and Coutinho are very much alike in terms of their playing style. However, Coutinho struggles aerially but the German is quite adept even in the air, which should come as a bonus for Liverpool since they have always found it tough to cope with set-piece situations.

Having said that, if Draxler were to complete the move, how would Liverpool line up?

The first and most obvious possibility is for Draxler to be deployed in the same position as Coutinho. He is currently playing on the left wing in Sadio Mane’s absence. If Coutinho leaves in January, that is a role Draxler loves and does well in.

Julian Draxler (LW)

His creativity and vision on the left will certainly add more dimension to Liverpool’s attack.

Roberto Firmino (CF)

Firmino will continue as the central striker, and it would be interesting to watch him convert chances created by Draxler on the left.

Mohamed Salah (RW)

Salah could take up his usual position on the right. It’ll surely be a daunting prospect for the opposition to face such a Liverpool attack.

The Chief Playmaker?

Another option could be where Draxler plays as the attacking midfielder. When Mane is fit, he could take up his role on the left wing, with Firmino as the central striker and Salah on the right. As far as the midfield goes, the line-up could look a bit like this.

Wijnaldum (LCM)

Wijnaldum has proven to be quite strong in this position, which should see him continue in the same.

Julian Draxler (CAM)

Draxler’s creativity and incisive runs make him an able attacking midfielder as well – someone who could really make contributions to amp up the Reds’ attack force.

Emre Can (CDM)

Can could play as the deepest midfielder, and in case he leaves the Reds, Henderson is always there.

Thus, whether or not the move for Draxler goes through remains to be seen but if it does, these could be two options for Liverpool to consider in terms of lining up with the German in their team.