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Power Couples in Women’s Soccer

Women’s soccer has gone from strength to strength in recent years. After living in the shadow of the men’s game for decades, this sport is now attracting global interest, not to mention considerable sponsorship.

The Women’s World Cup has been held every four years since 1991 and hosted in six countries. In parallel with women’s football rising in popularity, lesbian competitors have become empowered. Here we’ll take a closer look at same-sex hookups and renowned power couples in today’s women’s game.

Romantic options for lesbian women today

So, how would you emulate lesbians who excel at soccer and balance sporting prowess with success in the romance field? How about checking out possibilities to arrange a with one of the local hotties?

In the modern world, more and more women are being drawn to the convenience of connecting in the digital environment. Here, they can mingle with other singles who share their passion for football, using secure communication channels to reach out and flirt.

Are lesbians numerous in women’s soccer?

The answer to this intriguing question is that lesbians are more prevalent in women’s soccer than gays in the male version. For a long time, women drawn to other females have felt empowered in this environment, and unlike men’s soccer, are unashamed to admit their true feelings.

Much as the sport still involves big tackles and bruising encounters as players clash, the feminine side will always come to the fore. Women playing together at a time will never judge anyone for their sexual preferences.

The inclusive atmosphere will encourage those players who gravitate towards female hookups to admit as much. There’s never any overriding dynamic to deny true feelings. This situation is helped by the fact the sport has many iconic figureheads who have professed their sexuality openly.

Famous lesbian couples in soccer

– Sarah Walsh and Megan Rapinoe 

With 70 caps for her country, Australian star Walsh has been heavily involved in the Women’s World Cup Legacy & Inclusion organization, devoted to making girls of every background feel comfortable. Rapinoe, with her strikingly colored hairstyles, has won Golden Boot and Golden Ball awards at the 2019 Women’s World Cup. Talk about a formidable power couple – not to mention being ‘out.’

– Pernille Harder and Magdalena Eriksson

Attacking midfielder Harder hails from Denmark, a Nordic beauty who has represented her home country on no fewer than 140 occasions, scoring in almost 50% of her outings. Eriksson, from neighboring Sweden, currently plays for the top English women’s side, Chelsea. Another lesbian power couple they are vocal in their support of LGBTQ causes, and between them, they have agreed to donate 1% of their income towards tackling social issues throughout football.

– Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis

Australian forward Kerr is the only female from her country to have ever been nominated for the prestigious Ballon D’Or Feminine, the female equivalent of the Ballon D’Or in the men’s game won by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Renowned for her trademark backflip celebrations, she is not only regarded as one of Australia’s greatest female soccer exponents of all time, but she is also one of their top athletes, full stop.

Since the beginning of last year, she has been in a relationship with US midfielder, Mewis, who has starred with numerous clubs, including Washington Spirit, Chicago Red Stars, and Houston Dash, currently Gotham FC.

She scored seven goals in 46 outings with the American national team, which isn’t bad for a midfielder whose job is generally to set goals rather than score them.

As you can see, far from being a poor relation of male soccer, the women’s version can create supremely talented players. No wonder this sport has steadily been attracting huge audiences, not to mention empowering so many young females to emulate their success by taking up soccer.

Just as many soccer players have considerable net worth, girls are becoming prominent in the sport, with an increasing number turning professional or semi-professional. The future is looking exciting for women’s players. If you are a single lesbian still coming to terms with your feelings, today’s soccer stars will inspire you.