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Positives And Negatives From Coutinho’s Debut For Liverpool

Back to the old ways. A dismal performance from Liverpool against West Brom saw them drift further back in the race for champions league spot as they suffered yet an another home defeat in this season. Coutinho made his debut in the game and lets see whats the early impression he has made.

Coutinho’s debut analysis
  1. Coutinho showed his Brazilian class with some neat deft touches during his debut. But other than that he didn’t make any big impact in the game. That’s understandable as he was just given only 15 minutes game time.
  2. Positionally, he seemed totally lost. He looked as if he was not sure of his role in this Liverpool squad. His contribution in defense is absolute zero too. Its mandatory for the wingers to help the full backs when you play against a big physical side like West Brom. Coutinho’s height factor does not help the team in defending set pieces either.  Even though Downing is not as technically gifted as Coutinho, but he still offers good work rate and helps in defense too.

Again, these are just early impressions. Its not fair to conclude anything about a player who just had few minutes game time in a completely new atmosphere.

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