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Why This Portuguese Tactician Is Not The Right Man For Manchester United

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Can Jose Mourinho lead Chelsea to defend their Premier League crown?

As Manchester United lifted another FA Cup trophy, the first title since the end of the era of a certain Sir Alex Ferguson, there still are a ton of ramifications going on at the club. One which seems to be taking place is the sacking of Louis van Gaal despite him winning a trophy.

The Dutch manager has failed to take Manchester United to the Champions League this season despite spending over £250 million since taking over the reins a couple of seasons ago. The worst part of this all is the fact that the club is not playing that special brand of football and neither do they look like championship material under the former Barcelona and Ajax manager.

Louis van Gaal was adamant after winning the FA Cup that he was the man to stay at Manchester United as he still has one year left on his contract, but rumors were going around that Jose Mourinho is set to take over the club before the start of next season and it is only a matter of time before the deal is made public.

Mourinho has been out of a job since getting the sack last season, the second time he faced that ignominy at Chelsea, as the side were struggling in the bottom half of the league and even though he is a serial winner, this move to Manchester United might not be the best one for the club.

A bagful of problems

If the Manchester United fans were unhappy with the mannerisms of Louis van Gaal, they would probably be fed up with the baggage that Jose Mourinho brings to any club. His requirement of being the center of attraction might not work all that well at Old Trafford.

None of Jose’s sides actually have played brilliant football, barring the last one at Chelsea, but even that ended in an unmitigated disaster for the club. Mourinho is also an extremely divisive figure and there are going to be many players who will not be able to adjust to his tactics.

One such player will be Juan Mata who was sold by Mourinho during his time at Chelsea and the Spaniard would be set to leave once again. United will also have to deal with the drama of Jose Mourinho blaming everyone when his team loses. He is someone who does it regularly and has had a history of blaming the officials, the football boards and even the pitch on occasions.

Mourinho also could be a problem to deal with the board, normally the management do not have to worry this much about a manager, Louis van Gaal is one of the toughest people they have had to deal with, but Mourinho is on another level.

For all that being said, Mourinho is someone who will win you trophies and that is what Manchester United need at the moment. The Portuguese has won league titles in Portugal, Spain, Italy and England and he could be set to repeat that feat at Old Trafford next season, if the board backs him.

Another season of big spending is set at United but this time they could win the Premier League but at what cost? That is the biggest question that United fans will be thinking of at the moment. The club aren’t what they used to be at one stage and it is time for a new era, hopefully a successful one with Mourinho in the middle.