Polish Conundrum: Is This The Right Time For Arsenel To Drop Szczesny And Play Ospina?

Same old Arsenal, just a different story. The problem that has been plaguing Arsenal for the past few seasons came back to haunt them in the league when they lost to Southampton. This time the frailty was not in the midfield or defensive pairing but in between the sticks. Both the goals conceded by Arsenal were due to mistakes by their goalkeeper Szczesny. The Polish international goalkeeper seems to be in the firing line again after doing alright for the Gunners at the start of the season but his performances have curtailed in the last few games, it has been reported that the goalkeeper was even fined £20,000 after being caught smoking a cigarette in the showers, how he managed that is a marvel in itself.

Wojciech Szczesny
Wojciech Szczesny

It could be time for Arsene to have a look at just another problem in his team, apart from the steel which has been missing from Arsenal for the past few years, it seems that the plague is starting to affect more than just a few positions.

If not Szczesny then whom?

Szczesny didn’t just have one bad moment against the Saints, he did something similar against Galatasaray in the Champions League and was sent off in the game and then the other goalkeeper at Arsenal came on to try and keep Arsenal in the game, who is this other goalkeeper we speak of? Why it’s David Ospina.

For people with World Cup memory only, he should be a name that would have stuck around for quite a while. Ospina played in the James Rodriguez team, yes, Colombia. He was perhaps one of the best goalkeepers in the tournament as he conceded the fewest goals in the tournament though his team didn’t make it into the finals.

Ospina was signed from Nice in Ligue 1 for a reported fee of £3 million and the 26 year unfortunately has not had the chances that he deserves. While he has only made a handful of appearances for Arsenal, he has been behind Szczesny in the pecking order and then was injured for 3 months which again pushed him back.

Currently he is back to full fitness and this recent debacle by Szczesny should have opened Arsene Wenger’s eyes. Ospina is quick, athletic and has great reflexes, while still young. He deserves a chance now to play for Arsenal and show what he really can do for the Gunners. He was excellent for Colombia in the World Cup and was brilliant during his time in Nice. Sure in the couple of starts he has had for Arsenal he hasn’t looked the best but he does need time to settle in. Ospina is ready to take on the challenge of playing for a big club and in a season when things aren’t going as they should for Arsenal; maybe having a little bit of faith in the young Colombian might work out for the club in the end.


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